Boomgate System's Single Direction Spike Barrier is designed for heavy-duty use in high security control applications where ongoing vehicle theft occurs through an exit or entrance only passage. The application of the single direction spike barrier is highly cost effective as it has no electrical components. It is a strictly low maintenance access control system.

The single direction traffic flow spike barrier is designed to control traffic flow in one direction.

Approaching the spike barrier from the correct side, the vehicle will push the spikes down which will allow safe passage of the spike barrier & a counter weight system will raise the spike once the tyre has passed over them.

Approaching the spike barrier from the wrong way, will puncture the tyres because the spikes are designed not to lower from vehicle approaching from the wrong side.

Units are modular & made up in 1 meter sections & there is no limit to the length of the spike barrier.

The single direction spike barrier is suitable for shopping malls, airports, office blocks, casinos etc



  • Engineered for long-term reliability, fast onsite maintenance and durability.
  • Solid steel spikes, 10mm thick.
  • Spikes are exposed 90mm above road surface.
  • Suitable for all types of vehicles combined with high volume traffic flow.
  • Suitable for in-line, spaced in-line ans staged installation.
  • Rubber bumpers for raise and lower stops.
  • Maintenance fee bearings to blade swivel shaft.
  • Spikes are counter balanced.



  • Hot dip galvanized tray.
  • Manually operated by vehicle tyres, forcing spikes downwards in approved direction.
  • Full length grout rail on each side of containment tray key unit into concrete foundation.
  • Non-electrical apparatus.