Flyout Mobile Portal

Mobile Portal is a handheld unit. 

Mobile Portal is a hand-held unit that provides mobile validation for your access control system.  This easy to use device comes preloaded with Access Portal Pro and enables you to manage employee clock-ins at remote facilities, undertake passenger logs, or any number of other remote applications. 

Mobile Portal provides full support for tag and finger verification, and is able to read ISO14443 cards, as well as mifare and desfire tags.  The device can then be set to read both tag and finger, or just tags.

The unit stores the database on board and, when connected back into the base station, it automatically uploads all transactions into Access Portal.



Mobile Portal unleashes true mobile validation to your access control system: 

  • Solid and rugged, with the ability to withstand six foot drops onto concrete
  • Automatically uploads data into Access Portal when docked into the base station
  • Full support for tag and finger verification
  • Ability to set directional reads
  • Lightweight enough for one-handed operation
  • MorphoSmart Optic, certified at the highest level
  • Mopho patented fake finger detection