Uni - Scan System - The  Impro UniScan Controller is a cost-e
Flexi - Scan - The Impro FlexiScan is a reliable, modular acc

IXP20 - Be it the home or office, the IXP20 Access Con
IXP220 - Be it the home or office, the IXP20 Access Con
IXP400i - The IXP400i has a global track record that spe
SYSTEM COMPARISONS - Impro's Access Control systems are chosen

SCS Hardware - Overview Softcon develops and manufactures
Softwin3 Software - Softcon's software provides companies comprehe
Access control - Softwin_3 Access Control Software packages have be
Vending - Softcon’s SCS-Vending module offers a cashle
Point Of Sale - Softcon’s SCS-POS module offers a cashless c
Parking Point of Sale - Softcon’s SCS-PPOS module offers a cashless
Reader Summary -       
Morpho Introduction - Over the last decade, biometrics has become the pr
HID Introduction - HID Global is a trusted leader in solutions that d

Standalone Control Units - Keypad Pro
Fargo Printers - Product Code: CS-KP-800 The CS-KP-800 from Cont
All-in one Mullion - Product Code: CS-AC-3100 The CS-AC-3100 from Co
All-in one Vandal - Product Code: CS-AC-3101 The CS-AC-3101 from Co
Solo Mullion - Product Code: CS-AC-3210 The CS-AC-3210 from Co
Solo Vandal - Product Code: CS-AC-3210-V The CS-AC-3210-V fro
Solo Panel Mount - Product Code: CS-AC-3210-P The CS-AC-3210-P fro
Edge Evo - Product Code: HID-83000 The HID Edge Controller
Solo 2 - Product Code: CS-AC-3300 The Solo 2 from Contro
All-In-One RF Receiver - Product Code: CS-AC-7200 The CS-AC-7200 from Co
All-in one Panel Mount - Product Code: CS-AC-3102 The CS-AC-3102 from Co

iNet Networked Access Control - i-Net
i-Net™ Door Controller - Product Code: CS-IDC-100 The i-Net Intelligent
i-Net Plus Intelligent Door Controller - Product Code: CS-IDC-200 The i-Net Plus Intelli
i-Net™ Reader Expansion Board - Product Code: CS-AC-3151 The CS-AC-3151 Reader
iNet™ Input / Output Expansion Board - Product Code: CS-AC-4311 The CS-AC-4311 I/O Exp
i-Net™ Wiegand to RS485 Converter - Product Code: CS-AC-4550 The CS-AC-4550 from Co

HID Proximity (125KHz) - Readers -  
Desktop Reader - Product Code: CS-AC-1054 The CS-AC-1054 from Co
ProxPoint Plus - Product Code: HID-6005 HID's ProxPoint®
MiniProx - Product Code: HID-5365 The MiniProx® proxim
Thinline II - Product Code: HID-5395 Providing performance an
ProxPro - Product Code: HID-5355 The ProxPro® proximi
ProxPro with Keypad - Product Code: HID-5355K The ProxPro® proxim
EntryProx - Product Code: HID-4045 HID’s EntryProx&tr
MaxiProx - Product Code: HID-5375 HID's MaxiProx®
Prox80 - Product Code: HID-5405 HID's Prox80® re

Controlsoft Proximity (125KHz) - Readers - Deskt
Desktop Reader , - Product Code: CS-AC-1051 The CS-AC-1051 from Co
RS485 Proximity Reader - Product Code: CS-AC-1100 The CS-AC-1100 from Co
Proximity Reader - Product Code: CS-AC-1200 The CS-AC-1200 from Co
Vandal Prox - Product Code: CS-AC-1201 The CS-AC-1201 from Co
Panel Mount Prox - Product Code: CS-AC-1202 The CS-AC-1202 from Co
MultiClass Prox Reader - Product Code: HID-900-P multiCLASS SE readers s
Aperio Cylinder - Product Code: AA-C125   Features & Be
Aperio Handle Set - Product Code: AA-E125 Features & Benefits

RX Series - RX1
RX1 - Product Code: RX100/RX180 Proximity reader desi
RX1K - Product Code: RX1K00/RX1K80 Proximity reader de
RX2 - Product Code: RX200/RX280 Mullion proximity rea

Genius™ Automated Barriers - The barrier is 100% locally manufactured and desig
Master Manual™ Barrier - Technical Specifications Manual  Barrie
Low Cost Manual Barrier - Technical Specifications: Manual Barrier is
Manual Horizontal Swing Barrier - Technical Specifications: Manual Barrier is ava
Concertina Barrier - Applications: Temporary road closure Traff
Scorpion™ Spike Barrier - Flush Mount - The "Road Spike" barrier is 100% locally
Scorpion™ High Security Spike Barrier - Surface Mount - The road spike barrier is 100% locally manufacture
Scorpion™ Single Direction Traffic Flow Spike Barrier - Flush Mount - Boomgate System's Single Direction Spike Barri
Scorpion™ Single Direction Spike Barrier - Surface Mount - Operation Boomgate System's surface mount s